Finances and Fellowships


All students in the program will receive a stipend/salary that is sufficient to support living in the Cambridge/Boston area. The rate-of-pay will be approximately the same as for graduate students in other MIT departments.

Financial Support and Fellowships

Students in the program will be financially supported throughout their training. This support includes tuition, stipend, and single person health insurance.

During the first year, students are supported by funds from the Provost’s Office and departments in the School of Science, and the School of Engineering. These departments include the Departments of Biological Engineering, Biology, Chemical Engineering, and Civil and Environmental Engineering. In subsequent years, students will be supported as Research Assistants in their thesis lab.

Although students will be supported, they are strongly encouraged to apply for fellowships. Students applying to the Microbiology program are eligible for many of these fellowships, including those detailed on the following websites:

Under-represented minorities should also see these websites:

Additionally, students can visit the Office of Graduate Education website for a comprehensive listing.