Graduate Program

The Microbiology Graduate PhD Program is an MIT-wide program that is designed to provide students with broad exposure to modern areas of microbiology and depth in the chosen area of thesis work.

There are more than 50 faculty in 10 different departments and divisions that study microbes. Graduate students admitted to the program will join a vibrant, thriving microbiology community on the MIT campus and will receive training in a broad range of areas in microbiology.

The major components of the training program are described in in this section, along with information on life as a graduate
student at MIT.

“Is the MIT Microbiology Graduate Program the right program for me?”

This is a question we often hear, especially if applicants are considering or applying to other departments within MIT.  As you can see from our website, we have over 60 faculty from over 10 different departments participating in the Microbiology Graduate Program.

One way to help you decide where best to apply is for you to determine whether all, or almost all, of the faculty in whose research you are interested are in one department.  If that is the case, applying to that individual department would be more appropriate.  If you are equally interested in faculty and labs from different departments, then a program like MIT Microbiology can provide you the flexibility to bridge different departments and disciplines, both in your coursework and your research.