Please see some of the frequently asked questions about the MIT Microbiology Ph.D. Program below.

What is the typical length of a MIT Microbiology Ph.D.?

The average length of a MIT Microbiology Ph.D is 5.7 years.


Can I obtain a Master's degree in your program?

No, the MIT Microbiology Ph.D. program is strictly a Ph.D. track. We do not offer a Master’s degree track.

How are students in the program funded?

All MIT Microbiology Ph.D. students are fully funded for tuition, health insurance, and a stipend that covers living costs. Before advisor selection at the end of the second semester, students receive a fellowship. After this period, the selected advisor generally handles funding. Students who receive external fellowships may have an augmented stipend.

Can students in their undergraduate senior year apply?

Yes, students in their senior year of undergraduate school may apply.

Applications can be submitted between October 1 and December 1 here: 


Will the program review my credentials by email and inform me if I a suitable fit for the Microbiology PhD Program?

Unfortunately, we are unable to review credentials by email. All interested applicants must apply through our online system starting October 1st so that the Graduate Admissions Committee can review all applicants in a uniform way.

You can learn how to apply here once the system opens: https://microbiology.mit.edu/graduate-program/how-to-apply/

We look forward to receiving your application!